"Reflections" is a collection of featured change makers.

They are individuals who inspire me to be better, to do better.

They are my reminders that positive change is possible. They are my hope.

I hope you can find inspiration from them as well.


{ To stay authentic, I transcribe their candid words and minimally edit. This allows for their raw reflections. }


Marian Guerra

Marian Guerra is fierce and funny. She is dedicated and down-to-earth. She balances so many nuances. She was president of Liga Filipina at Columbia University, and she has recently helped launch the Filipino American Democratic Club in New York.

Noëlle Santos

Noëlle Santos is charismatic and energetic, and she effuses "entrepreneur." She plans on opening The Lit. Bar in the upcoming year. The Lit. Bar is "bookstore meets wine bar" and will be nestled in the South Bronx.