What is the meaning behind the name?

I use the name Ebbs 'n' Flows Photography because it describes how I view life, how life encompasses me. There will be ups. There will be downs. There will be highs and lows, mountains and valleys. And yet, life never plateaus at one, and is, instead, a constant shuffle between the two, pausing at each degree in between.

Change fascinates me. I enjoy capturing fleeting expressions and candid moments, the metamorphoses in life. I gravitate towards the harmony in nature just as often as I revel in the chaos of the city. To me, life really is written as ebbs 'n' flows.

What can I expect when working with you?

  • Lots of questions! I want to know what you are envisioning. I truly believe sessions are a collaborative process, so please ask me questions as well!

  • Feeling special. I believe that if you hired me, you hired me for every ounce of my attention during our session together.

  • Same-day display of your unedited photographs. I know how excited you will be to view the photographs after the photoshoot! The day of your shoot, I will upload your unedited photographs to a private gallery. From there, you highlight the ones you would like me to edit. If you want to get opinions from your loved ones, take the time you need! (This applies to portraits and engagements only. For weddings, I edit and send you all the photographs.) 

  • Timely delivery of your edited photographs. I do my best to send you the digital photographs in under four weeks for portraits and engagements, in under eight weeks for weddings. 

What packages do you offer?

Please message me for a list of packages and indicate the type of session you are interested in (i.e. portrait, maternity, engagement, wedding, elopement, documentary, event, etc.).

Do your packages include print photographs?

The packages do not already include prints. I do this so that you are not obligated to order a specific amount in certain sizes. If you would like prints, I will happily have them made for you!

Do you travel?

Yes! Please note that travel expenses will need to be covered if the shoot location is not:

- Accessible via the NYC subway

- Under 45 minutes from midtown Manhattan

That being said, I believe the best photographs are tied to location. Let's shoot somewhere that means something to you. 

How can I book with you?

Send me a message! We'll organize the details and plan a date. In order to secure the date, I'll need a signed contract and half of the deposit. The other half will be due the day of the shoot.