Photoshoot in Dumbo, Brooklyn

I met up with model and fashion blogger Oby Grace in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Oby chose this spot as the first location because the cobble-stoned street had been made popular through the TV show Gossip Girl. I believe it was because the main character lived on this block. (Correct me if I am wrong!)

Pop culture famous or not, this street was beautiful. The Manhattan Bridge in the background was a majestic tint of blue and worked nicely with the grey stones and the red bricks.

In complete transparency, this was the first time I photographed a model and, I have to tell you... Oby did not need any directions!

No "Stick your chin out" or "Tilt your head this way."

I immediately noticed that she picked up on my camera clicks. She would listen for each snap and then she'd switch to a different pose.

Oby gracefully handled the flood of tourists and curious New Yorkers. She would see them standing behind me and she would move aside so they could capture their moments as well.

I was more in charge of telling her if a car was approaching. Despite the interruptions, we conducted a quick photoshoot.

We then meandered on over to a colorful wall. I'm not sure if it's favorited enough to have received a name, but Oby mentioned that lots of NYC bloggers, models, and photographers use this wall as backdrops.

When I got up close, I understood why. The textures and colors varied so there was a plethora of shots to take in the span of one block. Very convenient!

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While this wall wasn't as popular as the cobble-stoned street with the bridge backdrop, we still spotted couples crossing streets to capture wide-angle shots as well as one woman cartwheeling her way across the colors.

After Oby changed (and she has many secrets on how to do this efficiently!), we got Middle Eastern food to go and ate by the Dumbo waterfront, chatting away nestled between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge.

Oby blogs about fashion at I Spy Oby and Instagrams at @ispyoby.

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