Hi! My name is Adeline. I'm a teacher by day (and night and weekend) and a photographer by night (and day and weekend). You get the idea! When I'm not teaching or photographing, I'm usually practicing yoga, dancing to something Pandora predicted I'd like, or lounging on the floor attempting to read a book next to the bunny I recently adopted.

It might be because I'm surrounded by kids all day, but I'm still awestruck by this world – by its simplicity, its complexity. I revel in the upward curve of a child's smile and the downward burrow of a brow. I am drawn to the little motions in life, as it is moments that compose forever. I want to be there for you when you compose your story of forever. I want to be the one stringing moments of your life so that you can live in the moment and then relive those moments with photographs.

Photographs freeze time while simultaneously extending it. Magic, I say. Flip to the Q & A section to learn about the logic behind the art.